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Gaming Racing Wheel Tips

Best PC racing wheel

All experienced gamers know that the best way to enjoy playing racing games is to get racing wheels. Nothing can compare with the thrill of real racing experience that only racing wheels can offer. The force feedback they provide will make you feel as if you're really in the driver's seat of the car you use in-game. So if you haven't purchased your own set of racing wheels there are some things you need to know to get the best PC racing wheel.

Force Feedback

The most important things to consider when buying racing wheels is a "force feedback", a response that makes you feel as if you were driving a real car when playing your favorite games. Such racing wheels will greatly enhance your racing game experience as they provide a simulation of real-world driving. Do remember that more expensive and higher-end racing wheels feature the built-in direct drive system that ensures better force feedback which means better gaming experience. The belt drive system in most affordable models does provide a force feedback response, but it is weaker and not so realistic.


Of course, all modern racing wheels are compatible with the PC platform. However, if you are going to use it for a particular game console, make sure you check the fine print. The problem is that some racing wheels are tailored only for a particular game console. So it makes sense to find out whether the racing wheel you would like to purchase can be used for the game console that you're using.

Wheel Rotation

Most racing wheels have a 900-degree wheel rotation. However, those gamers who prefer driving a really big vehicle had better opt for a racing wheel with a 1080-degree rotation.



The quality racing wheel is responsible for only part of the overall racing experience. The rest depends on the pedalboard that comes with the racing wheel. As a rule, all inexpensive racing wheel sets feature a pedalboard made with plastic. Some of them do offer good resistance which simulates the real experience well. But the basic rule is the more costly the racing wheel, the better the pedalboard is. So before making a purchase consider reading reviews online about the pedalboards that come with the racing wheel you are going to buy.


These days the clutch is not included in the kit and should be purchased separately. It can really improve your racing experience as it makes playing racing games more realistic. But it should be noted that a good clutch system is rather expensive, so this must be considered as well.

Racing Seat

Buying a good racing-style car seat will help you improve your overall racing experience. Focus on gaming chairs that are built for racing car simulators. It is also important that the chair is adjusted for your needs perfectly. This means the pedals should be placed properly and make sure the spacing of the racing wheels from your position is right.

Racing Wheel Upgrade

Racing Seat

You can upgrade your racing wheel setup overtime by getting a better clutch system, pedal board or rim. Once you have purchased the racing wheels make sure you use the following techniques to maximize its full potential. First of all, try to update the firmware regularly. This way you will get not only bug fixes and improvement, but new useful features as well. The second thing you need to do to improve your gameplay experience is to practice a lot. Finally, consider joining forums where racing wheel enthusiasts share their experience and give useful tips.