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Below is a basic outline of our advertising program. 
Please email us for more information at: 
Sponsorship at Fayetteville Motorsports Park is a vital part of our program.  We use revenue generated from sign sales to do improvements to our facilities so that our racers and their followers have a nice place to race and share fellowship.

When a sponsor purchases a sign, they purchase a marketing tool.  We display their company's logo on a durable metal sign for our customers to view.  We also, at no extra charge, advertise your company over our public address system and put your company's logo on our website, so that all visitors to our website will see who our sponsors are.  We also can link site to our web page.

These are the ways to get your company's products and services to prospective clients.  You get this all for one low price.

We can also customize special events and promotions to meet the needs of your company.

Thank you and we are looking forward to serving you!!

Price and Description (per season)
$1200.00   4' x 8' sign at the Dragstrip

$2000.00  4' x 16' sign at the Dragstrip

$4000.00 Your Choice:

Scoreboard at the Dragstrip (2 available)

Winner's Circle at the Dragstrip

Points Sponsor at the Dragstrip