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                              Fayetteville Motor Sports Park is a 2014
                             Summit Super Series Participating Track

Welcome to the 2014 FMSP Summit Super Series.  We invite you to join the
SSS points at our track.  As many of you know, FMSP has a very successful
Summit Super Series program at our track.  In only 6 years of participation in
this program
, we have been honored to send our Box class driver to the
Summit World Finals runoff and have won the runoff in 2008 & 2009 & 2012 &
2013.  Our 2013 Champion, Tim Lucas won the IHRA SSS World Box Championship
in Memphis Tennessee.
Congratulations to our Box winners:

2008 Box Winner - Chad Brewer
2009 Box Winner - 
Jeff Parrish
2010 Box Winner - Alvin Brewer
2011 Box Winner - Tim Lucas
2012 Box Winner - Chad Brewer 
2013 Box Winner - Tim Lucas

Congratulations to our No Box champions:

2008 No Box Winner - Art LaSelle
2009 No Box Winner - Art LaSelle
2010 No Box Winner - 
Slim Davis 
2011 No Box Winner - Perry green
2012 No Box Winner - Kevin Riner
2013 No Box Winner - Terry Rucker


The Junior Dragster class was added to Summit Super Series in 2012. 
Congratulations to our first SSS Junior Dragster Winner Connor Caulder.
Our 2013 Champion is Noah Johnson. Congratulations Noah.2012 Connor Caulder
2013 Noah Johnson

We also reward our drivers with SSS awards at our awards
program. It has been my honor to work with a really great group of drag 
racers at FMSP who help make the program successful.  During the 2014
racing season, I will be the contact person concerning FMSP's SSS 
program.  If you are new to the program at FMSP, I think any driver who 
participated will tell you I am committed and dedicated to the program and I 
am always willing to answer questions and keep you in the know about 
points, program rules, IHRA contacts for license or anything concerning SSS.
You can usually find me in the bottom of the tower, or near the start line.
You are welcome to call me at 910-818-3977 with questions or concerns.

Donna Atkins


2014 SSS Information
1.  Every driver who wants to participate in FMSP SSS
     Program must join the points by filling out a SSS Points form
     available at the track beginning April 18, 2014.
2.  You must have a current IHRA license
3.  You must be issed an "X" number by IHRA and run that
     number on your car
4.     Y
ou must be assigned an "X" number by
     IHRA.  Contact Donna Harper at 419-663-6666.
5.  At FMSP, you must provide the following information:
     a.  Name as it appears on your IHRA license
     b.  IHRA X number  (You MUST get it before
          the 2014 racing season begins at FMSP ~ April 18)
     c.  License expiration date (you are responsible for keeping
         your license updated.  Should they expire, your points
         will not be counted)
6.  You may enter the points at more than one track.
.  Should you win the points at more than one track, you must
     declare the track you will represent prior to the bracket finals


Call Donna Harper at IHRA  419-663-6666 and
get your X number to participate in the Summit
Super Series points.

        webassets/ihramembertrk.jpg  IHRA License Forms webassets/ihramembertrk.jpg 
Top Eliminator, Modified and Junior Dragster drivers must have their current IHRA license to go to the 2013 Bracket Finals.   All racers running 6.99 or quicker must have their license approved. Be sure to get a track official witness to sign your form, if you run 6.99 or quicker.  You may get Alfonza Currie, Mark Royal. Ray Grainger or Donna Atkins to sign for you.
Renew your racer membership by contacting IHRA's Donna Harper at 419 660-4219
Fax new applications to IHRA's Donna Harper at 419 668-6601

Click here for IHRA Membership and License Applications including Junior Dragster License & Forms. CLICK ON MEMBERSHIP THEN MEMBERSHIP CENTEER