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The Hazards of Street Racing

Plain and simple, street racing is a recipe for trouble. Not only is the hobby itself dangerous, it puts innocent bystanders at risk as well. Despite the danger many people still seek fulfillment through street racing. In short, it is no wonder that drag racing is the number one suspect in several car accident cases.

It is evident that street racing enthusiasts are drawn to the rush brought on by extreme speeds and heavy competition. However, is the three minute thrill of a race worth that of a human life? Not to mention drag racing is illegal and reckless.

Recently, a drag racing related wreck occurred in the Orange County Register. Even though the official cause of the accident has yet to be confirmed, several witnesses have reported that the vehicle was seen involved heavily with street racing. Which brings us to our point - all accidents are accidents - but what if we could avoid them? In order to minimize car wreck casualties we need to begin the the obvious of places, illegal drag racing.

Keep in mind street drag racing is completely different than professional drag racing. Professional racing is performed on a closed course that takes special safety precautions to ensure the drive is safe and comfortable at all times. Illegal racing on the city streets is far too dangerous due to the extreme amounts of uncontrolled variables that unfortunately can not be accounted for or predicted.

Although, street racing has its allure of speed and competition, it is not worth killing your fellow man over. Speed itself, is one of the leading causes of fatal car crashes. Unimpaired driving at top speeds is immensely dangerous and should not be taken lightly. All of these factors contribute to the hobby of illegal street racing which makes it extremely deadly.

While an adrenaline junky may take favor to street racing, it is highly encouraged that you find more controlled environments to quench your thirst for thrill. It is unnecessary to risk the lives of others to participate in a hobby that more likely than not ends in a car crash. It is imperative that we all put our best foot forward in the fight against illegal drag racing. There is no reason that each and everyone of us should not be out there bringing awareness to save a human life.

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